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adult jewellery parties

Although we love to celebrate birthdays with the kid’s parties and watching them create some beautiful jewellery, we equally love having a bit of fun and banter with the girls (not forgetting the odd glass of wine of course).

We offer two adult party experiences. The first where you and a group of friends learn how to make your own masterpieces and another where you get to try and buy jewellery in the comfort of your own home.

Birds & Beads Party

glass of red wineFancy having a get together with your girl friends to do something completely different? A Birds and Beads night is the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends over a glass (or two) of wine and get your creative juices flowing. Suitable for all levels of experience, we give you a choice of designs from the simple to a more challenging piece of jewellery. Everyone’s tastes are different and what we have found is that everyone wants to create their own masterpiece differently. So we provide a large selection of beads and you will be spoilt for choice! You can choose to make anything from a range of designs. Why not take a quick look at our gallery section to see a variety of examples?

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Original Beads & Banter Party

Women looking at jewellery at beads & Banter party

This is how it all began with the original B&B Party. It’s easy. All you need to do is decide on a night. Invite your friends and we will do the rest. We will provide you with invitations to send out to all your friends in whatever format you require. All we need is a table to set up on. We will arrive one hour before the start to set up and when your guests arrive we will introduce them to the Beads & Banter concept. Everything on display can be brought and taken home on the night. If someone sees a design they like but in a different colour we can take orders as well. We can also provide a colour matching service so if you have an outfit you would like to be matched bring it along.

  • Items can be bought and guests can take them home on the night.
  • Orders can be taken for a specific design or colour. Any size adjustments might be able to be carried out on the evening or returned as soon as possible.
  • A colour matching service can be provided for those guests wishing to buy for a particular outfit.
  • A prize draw on the evening.
  • The Hostess gets 10% of total goods sold to be spent on jewellery or to be donated to a charity of their choice.
  • Gift vouchers are available.
  • If two or more of your guests book parties on the night then the hostess receives a mystery gift!

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